Natural Antibiotics for Dogs

When is it appropriate to use natural antibiotics for dogs? 

Dry Nose or Paws, Small Wounds, or Rashes

It’s appropriate to use natural antibiotics when your dog has a dry nose and paws, small skin scrapes, minor scratches, and rashes. If the cause of your dog’s dry nose is an illness, it is a good idea to take him/her to the vet and make sure it isn’t anything serious.

Calendula is a gentle, antibacterial herb that heals small wounds and surface skin conditions in animals and babies or even adults. Its gentle constituents make it a safe option for the smaller bodies of a dog and their delicate organs. Calendula can treat dogs who suffer from rashes or a constant itch, or a dry snout or paws. You will want to use a Calendula based healing salve for topical treatment or a food-grade vegetable oil infusion for internal use.

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How to Prepare Calendula Infused Oil

To infuse an oil place, the calendula flowers into a jar and then pour the oil over it until it is completely covering the flowers. Be sure to use an airtight container that will keep liquid out of it. One drop of water and the whole jar can go rancid very quickly. Keep the jar in a sunny window for about two weeks shaking it twice a week. If you’re really concerned about bacteria or in a time crunch, you may boil the oil and calendula flowers instead.

When your infused oil is ready to use a rubber band to tie cheesecloth to the top of a dry container, pour the ingredients into the container allowing the cheesecloth to catch the herbs. You will need to repeat this several times to get every bit of the herbal pieces out of the oil. You may toss the herbs into your garden or the trash, but it’s not advised to put the herbs down your drain because it will clog it up and possibly break your garbage disposal.

You may use the oil in a salve recipe with calendula and lavender essential oils or apply the oil directly to your dog’s food or skin. He/she will want to lick it off so don’t do this too often it is better to make it into a salve which will help the healing herbs stick to the skin better and absorb faster.

Alternatively, you may purchase a healing salve online or at your local apothecary. Just be sure to read the ingredients and know that what you are getting is safe for your loved one.


Natural Antibiotics are Great For Giardia

According to Dr. McCluggage at a common ingredient among natural antibiotics for dogs is berberine a constituent or chemical that is strongly antibacterial and helps kill bacterial infections of the intestines such as Giardia lamblia. The berberine constituent will increased mucus production and destroy protozoa in the intestines.

Dr. McCluggage recommends using Paragard to treat Giardia and any type of diarrhea in dogs. All too often conventional veterinarians will prescribe the antibiotic Metronidazole to treat diarrhea, despite knowing what is indeed causing the diarrhea to occur in the first place. Giardia testing may take two to three days before getting the results back, and this delay creates a need for over prescribing antibiotics in dogs. Diarrhea in dogs may be caused by other conditions, such as nerves or an abrupt change in food, or it may very well be Giardia. A stool sample will, in fact, determine if it is, in fact, Giardia but a natural antibiotic drug like Paragard is a safe alternative that will prevent the overuse of antibiotics.

See the entire article on the use of berberine, the herbs that contain berberine and the studies that support the use of Paragard at

The problem of over prescribing antibiotics for dogs

The more antibiotics are used, the more immune the canine species become resistant to these powerful and important conventional medical practices. As immunity to pharmaceutical antibiotics grows, the less effective they become. Scientist and pharmaceutical companies must keep researching and finding new antibiotics. However, we will eventually reach a point where antibiotics no longer work, and there are no more antibiotics to take or make. We will end up not having this precious resource for healing bacterial infections that saves so many lives.


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