How to Shop for Quality Supplements

Do Not Get These Supplements!!!!

Cheap Supplements with Fake Ingredients

Quality control test done on supplements have found that most of the ingredients are not what is labeled on the bottle. Therefore, you need to be skeptical of one company who sells Yerba Mansa, for example, for $5 and another for $30 a bottle. There is no way the company selling the $5 bottle is legitimately selling Yerba Mansa for $5 without stuffing it with a lot of other ingredients. Yerba Mansa is in low demand because it is less popular than say Echinacea. There are less people farming it and therefore it is impossible to sell it for a low price of $5.

If the price is low, then it’s most likely fake ingredients like wheat or soy and other cheap fillers. That isn’t what you are buying, you are buying turmeric, so you thought.

Both wheat and soy are allergenic foods too and the supplement companies are not required to disclose this information on the bottle. If you have celiac, you may be consuming wheat in your supplements without even knowing it.

The FDA Does Not Regulate Supplements Before These Go To Market

On top of using ingredients that are not reported on the bottle, the FDA is not regulating any of the supplement companies and demanding a quality supplement from any of these companies. It’s a free for all. Companies are doing whatever they want to our supplements and it’s really important to find a trusted supplement company that educates it’s customers on where they get their ingredients and we as consumers have to be willing to pay more for a quality supplement with these incredibly powerful and cherished herbs or vitamins.

Do Get These Supplements!!!

We do Have Third Party Testing Companies

The FDA may not be looking out for our safety when it comes to supplements but there are several organizations that do. does a thorough investigation of supplements and individual ingredient suppliers. You can visit their website for a full list of brands they have tested and approved. is a quality assurance company that test supplements and ensures these companies meet the standards for the U.S., Japan, and the European countries. Learn more about their compliance testing here.

The NSF is a public health and safety organization that reviews a wider variety of industries than the other certification companies listed previously. They certify, water, aerospace, automotive and a long list of other things. Their supplement testing process includes a toxicology report, a facility inspection, an annual laboratory testing/analysis and monitoring any change the company makes in the future. Learn more about their testing process on their website here.

Look for These Symbols on the Bottle of Quality Supplements

It’s important to find quality supplements with one of these three labels. If you see a supplement with another label of certification on it, it’s probably bogus and only makes them look good when they aren’t.

Can You Take a Supplement?

Ask yourself these questions before taking or purchasing any supplement and if you are ever uncertain about which supplement to take, consult with a naturopathic physician. They with often meet with you and answer your questions for free. They are well versed in these herbs and will help you make the right decision for your current health condition.

Is it safe for me if I’m pregnant?

Many natural antibiotics are not meant for women because these have emmenagogue (stimulates menstruation) or abortifacient (aborts pregnancy) properties.

What other health conditions do I have that might be affected by this supplement?

Some natural antibiotics will exaggerate existing symptoms for something else other than what you are trying to treat.

What scientific evidence supports the use of this supplement in this way?

The National Institute of Health (NIH), or PubMed makes medical research available to the public on their website. You may not always get access to the entire articles, but you will get to review the abstract which summarizes the indications of the study.

What other drugs or supplements am I taking that might have contraindications with this supplement?

Sometimes just coffee can prevent an herb from working the way we intend it to. If you are taking pharmaceutical drugs, check with your Naturopathic physician to see if there are any potential issues with the combination of your supplements and the drugs you are on.

How long can I take this and how long do I need to?

Some herbs are tonics, which means you can take it every day without experiencing any side effects. Others are no good for you in large quantities or over long periods of time.

What might happen if I take too much?

For example, too much cinnamon may cause hallucination or even death. Be careful what you take and know what the consequences are if you take too much. Some herbs safe in large quantities, just be sure you know what you are getting into before consuming any supplement.

Is it safe for children or pets? Where might store it if it is not?

Herbs may be too harsh for the delicate organs of a child, pet or an elderly person. Comfrey for example is used in many wound healing salves but is harsh on the liver. It’s safe for healthy grown children or most adults but not for those with weaker immune systems.



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